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AIO Bracket (For XPROTO Series)

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$20.00 USD
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$20.00 USD

The price including :
-one 240mm/280/360 AIO bracket w/accessories

please contact us through one of the following:
Email: / welch
WhatsApp: (+852)65862206

Please read ALL the information below before you buy!

By the way, there are two mounting depths for the radiator. The closer mounts to the case on the bracket will prevent you from mounting a radiator with the tubes facing towards the case and between the case spine and fans, but if you are mounting the tubes facing out or wish to do use custom water-cooling, the closer mounts make the case take up less space.

Size comparison of 240mm and 360m AIO installed:

240mm AIO installed with fans blowing inwards:

240mm AIO installed with fans exhausting air outwards:

Even though the product is called an AIO bracket, nothing’s stopping you from using it to mount custom water-cooling loop radiators!


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Installation guide below.