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Xproto Flip Module

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At the beginning of 2022, We bring you a brand new XPROTO module


Xproto flip module 


A: The main purpose:

1:Turn the entire chassis upside down so that the IO panel faces down, sacrificing the volume and convenience of plugging and unplugging. You can organize the wires more easily

2:Solve the problem that the temperature of some 3080/3090 graphics cards is too high when the IO is placed upwards


B: Models applicable to this module:

Xproto,     Xproto-N  ,     Xproto-L 


C: Match with other modules

1:Conflict with IV module

2:Conflict with water cooling module 

Compatible with other modules

3:   Work  with C zone extender (Not recomand) 



1: Please note that this module can be installed only after the XPROTO is completely disassembled

2: The module needs to use the two spacers of XPROTO

3:    For the time being only gray and black versions,White version will be available around 10th June 2022




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