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XPROTO-Mini case

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PCI-E Riser Cable





Flex 1U  Layout.  XTIA  Butterfly structure. Come with a USB panel, AIO bracket. 

Mesh U shell has a black/ white version.    

Come with a 120AIO bracket, USB panel. and  Telescopic handle designed with the chassis  ( Mesh U shell not included) 

PSU:  Flex 1U, shorter than: 17.5CM 

GPU :   215mm * 130mm * 55mm

MotherBoard:  17cm*17cm Mini-ITX 

CPU cooler height: Unlimited ( Open case MOD),  50mm ( With mesh U shell) 


PCI-E extender:   Linkup Pcie 4.0 Double reverse, longer than 180mm

                             XTIA Pcie 3.0 Double reverse, Longer than 180mm ( Or similar layout  cable with similar length )